I want a motorcycle like this, without the skulls
DC: Wonder Woman is too difficult to find a movie audience for- Marvel: YO YOU LIKE BLACK WIDOW? HERE SHE IS IN THE NEXT CAPTAIN AMERICA MOVIE WITH A TON OF SCREENTIME AND MAJOR ASSKICKING SKILLS DC: We can't allow the lesbians in Batwoman to get married in the comic, sorry. Marvel: HEY GUESS WHAT WE'RE GONNA FEATURE A GAY WEDDING ON THE COVER OF AN X-MEN ISSUE DC: The new direction for storytelling needs to be dark, gritty, mature and cynical. Marvel: DUDE CHECK IT OUT LOKI GOES SPEED DATING IS THAT NOT THE BEST SHIT EVER DC: After years of rumors, the Superman/Batman movie is finally coming, but with a new actor and suit for Batman and MAYBE a cameo from Wonder Woman. Marvel: PHASE 2 MOTHERFUCKERS EVERYONE IS IN EVERYONE'S MOVIE AND THERE AIN'T NO STOPPIN US NOW DC: We can try to add maybe one or two 'people of color' to our lineup...maybe... Marvel: NEW MS MARVEL THAT'S MUSLIM AMERICAN, BITCHES. DC: We feel no problem with Batman's vengeful personality being like wet cardboard. Marvel: NEW LATINA GHOST RIDER WHO SEEKS VENGEANCE WHILE TAKING HIS AWEET LIL BRO FOR ICE CREAM DC: We can't mention any superhero titles in our movies, that's ridiculous. Marvel: FUCK YEAH YOU WANT A RACOON VOICED BY BRADLEY COOPER WITH A GIANT GUN? YOU WANT VIN DIESEL PLAYING A TREE? AMY FUCKING POND PLAYING A SEXY BALD SPACE PIRATE? HERE YOU FUCKERS GO DC: Our fanbase is mostly white males, I'm sure our focus is- Marvel: NEW SHE HULK LINE WHERE SHE GOES TO COURT THEN SAVES NEW YORK DC: Wait- Marvel: NEW FEMALE THOR DC: I didn't- Marvel: NEW BLACK CAPTAIN AMERICA Marvel: TAKE ALL THIS COOL SHIT MARVEL BE OUTIE Marvel: PEACE

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Catching my best friend’s eye from across the bar whatshouldwecallme:

Catching my best friend’s eye from across the bar